CAP - Certified Members  are Active professional aesthetic pruners who have been certified by the APA Certification Panel.

Associate Members are active professional aesthetic pruners with at least one year experience prior to application of membership.

Affiliated Members are interested parties who are not active professional aesthetic pruners but share a love of aesthetic pruning.

Student Members are individuals who are currently enrolled at a recognized institution of higher learning for a minimum of six units or credits.

Membership benefits include professional recognition through certification, increased visibility and public awareness of the aesthetic pruning profession, use of the APA logo for certified members, industry information and updates, professional opportunities for speaking, teaching and ongoing education, networking opportunities with other horticultural disciplines and a web presence including a directory of Certified Members and social media promoting public and industry awareness of Aesthetic Pruning.

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APA Member information

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How to become a Certified Aesthetic Pruner

For more information on how to become a Certified Aesthetic Pruner (CAP) please click on the following link to download an application packet. CAP Application2015.pdf


APA Member Directory Click here to view a list of all our members.  Certified, Associate, Affiliated and Student.

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