Dick Austin    C.A.P. #008                                                                               510-418-0968

Dick Austin

Work Area: East Bay                                                                                                                                

Will Travel to: The Bay Area

Business Description: Landscape design, especially designs influenced by the Japanese garden aesthetic. Installation of gardens that I have designed, aesthetic pruning, garden design consultation and garden maintenance of gardens that I have designed and installed. Volunteer work in the preservation, restoration and maintenance of the gardens at Lake Merritt, particularly Ko Han En (the Lake Merritt Japanese Garden).

Licenses and Certifications: Landscape Contractor, License C27 772508

Other memberships and affiliations: Oakland - East Bay Garden Center Inc., Friends of the Gardens at Lake Merritt.

Diane Bloomberg       C.A.P. #020                                                        925-382-3516

Diane Bloomberg Landscape Design and Aesthetic Pruning                                                           

Work Area: East of the Caldecott Tunnel (Tri-Valley), Bay Area depending on scope of project.                                                                                                                      

Business Description: Landscape design and aesthetic pruning.

Specialties: Specimens under 10’

Other memberships and affiliations: Merritt College Pruning Club Award, Merritt College Landscape Design Certificate

Peter Bowyer       C.A.P. #007                                                               510-658-4941

Peter Thomas Bowyer                                                                                                                   


Work Area: San Francisco Bay Area, will travel to Fresno CA, Santa Fe NM, Portland and Eugene OR.                                                                                                                      

Business Description: Aesthetics and arboriculture to 40ft. Creating beauty in detail.  Shaping earth, water, stone and plants in a larger scheme.  Inspirations range from natural landscapes to cultural ones.  Garden Builder.  Instructor. Leader of numerous projects in public gardens. Experienced (since 1981), well trained (6 certificates) and well equipped.

Specialties: Trees up to 40ft. and the intersection of pruning and garden design.

Licenses and Certifications: Landscape Contractor, License 712862

Other memberships and affiliations: Hakone Gardens, Oakland Fukuoka Sister City Association

Leslie Buck        C.A.P. #004                                                                

Buck Landscape Pruning  


Work Area: Work Area: SF Bay Area and further for teaching/lectures

Business Description: Author (see specialties below), Design, Teaching/Lecturing, Pruning. Design - verbal consultation to help you improve atmosphere and beauty in your existing landscape along with professional referrals. Teaching/Lecturing - pruning teaching and lecturing with memoir in hand. Pruning - Berkeley only, for clients desiring refined, natural pruning.

Specialties: Explore the gardeners of Kyoto with my memoir: Cutting Back - My Apprenticeship in the Gardens of Kyoto at your local bookstore May 2017 (synopsis and reviews on Amazon)!

Credentials: Over two decades of pruning experience, degree in Fine Arts from U.C. Berkeley and the Fine Arts School of Bordeaux, two decades of volunteer pruning with the Merritt College Pruning Club and other public institutions including UC Botanical Garden, Portland Japanese Garden and Tassajara Zen Center.

Membership Affiliations: Aesthetic Pruners Association CAP #004, Merritt College Pruning Club, North America Japanese Garden Association, Cal Sailing Club member and teacher.

Grant Foerster        C.A.P. #017                                                            510-334-1842

Walter Fujii        C.A.P. #010                                                                415-699-6269

Walter Fujii

Work Area: East Bay, Peninsula, Fremont, Pleasanton                                                                                     

Business Description: Aesthetic pruning services to define the tree. Arboriculture consultation services that enable my clients to make informed decisions on tree related issues.

Specialties: Pruning to aesthetically define a tree. Consultation services for tree diagnosis, assessment, appraisal and resolution of tree conflicts.

Licenses and Certifications: Registered Consulting Arborist No. 402 by the American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA), Certified Arborist No. WE 2257A by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), Qualified Applicator No. 82521 by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR)

Other memberships and affiliations: Aesthetic Pruners Association (APA), American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA), International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), Western Chapter ISA, California Arborist Association (CAA), California Oak Foundation, CANOPY for Trees, California Urban forests Council.

Randall Lee        C.A.P. #003                                                                 510-864-0841

Maryann Lewis        C.A.P. #019                                                          510-437-9284

Bet Neary        C.A.P. #012                                                                    510-531-2141

Bet Neary

Work Area: Oakland, Orinda, Lafayette, Alameda, Berkeley, San Leandro, San Francisco and Sonoma County          

Business Description: I work in small to medium sized gardens, with consideration for the health, design and spatial needs of each plant in the present and in the future.

Specialties: Trees and shrubs under 12 feet.  Bamboo and studied bonsai concepts

Other memberships and affiliations: Member of 2 bonsai clubs and 2 bamboo associations.

Judy Thomas        C.A.P. #009                                                              510-568-2960

Bay Area Plant Consultants                                                                                                                       

Work Area: Bay Area Counties

Business Description: Arboriculture consulting - including plant identification, design ideas, plant selection, planting specifications, plant preservation, casualty loss assessments, plant appraisal, arbitration of tree disputes, landscape appraisal, evaluation and inventory, tree hazard evaluation, tree and landscape problem ID, resources for long term care of plants, plant health and site restrictions for plant growth, tree preservation for construction sites and tree care supervision.

Specialties: Plant consultations, landscape management, expert witness, arboriculture consulting.

Licenses and Certifications: Board Certified Master Arborist 0113B with the International Society of Arboriculture, Registered Consulting Arborist #484 with the American Society of Consulting Arborists, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified with the ISA, Aesthetic Pruning Award from Merritt College, 1998, and Certified Aesthetic Pruner, (CAP #009,) 2011 with the Aesthetic Pruners Association. Retired 5/26/07 after teaching full-time in the Landscape Horticulture Department at Merritt College, Oakland CA from 1977-2007. She has done part-time arboricultural consulting since 1/17/92, as the owner of Bay Area Plant Consultants. http://bayareaplantconsultants.blogspot.com/

Other memberships and affiliations: Member of the American Society of Consulting Arborists, the California Arborists’s Association, Inc, the International Society of Arboriculture, the CA Horticultural Society, the CA Native Plant Society and the Diablo Firesafe Council, and the Mediterranean Garden Society (Executive Committee Member.)

Katrine Thomas        C.A.P. #011                                                          510-517-4541

Katrine Thomas


Work Area: Bay Area and France, will travel to France and Italy                                                                                                              

Business Description: Dedicated to the care of the domesticated flora for the health and beauty of the plants and the enjoyment and inspiration of the people around them.

Specialties: Wisteria and leafy trees.

Other memberships and affiliations: Landscape design and construction, Certified Bay Friendly Professional, APLD, Garden Conservancy, Pacific Horticulture, California Native Plant Society.

Certified Members are active professional aesthetic pruners who have been certified by the APA Certification Panel. This list is in alphabetical order by last name.

APA Certified Aesthetic Pruners C.A.P.

Grant Foerster                                                                                

Work Area: East Bay and the Bay Area                                                                                                                    

Business Description: Pruning from the heart. Expressive pruning of trees and shrubs.  Specializing in Japanese maples & pines; bonsai & container trees.  Client-centered pruning illuminating the essence of plants and gardens.  Former staff gardener at the Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park SF.

Specialties: Japanese maples, Pines, bonsai and container trees.

Other memberships and affiliation: Past President of the Aesthetic Pruners Association

Randall Lee                                                                              

Work Area: Especially Alameda, East Bay and beyond.

Business Description: Aesthetic pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs.  Over fifteen years experience. Specializing in Japanese black pines, Japanese maples, Japanese garden pruning, bonsai repotting and pruning. Pruning consultations, lectures and bonsai workshops.

Other memberships and affiliation: Corresponding Secretary of the Aesthetic Pruners Association



Work Area: Portland OR. and surrounding areas.                                                                                                               

Business Description: Maryann Lewis specializes in aesthetic pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs for people concerned with thoughtful aesthetics and stewardship of plants in their urban garden.  She specializes in Japanese Garden pruning, Japanese black pines, conifer cultivars, Japanese maples, camellias and rhododendrons.

Specialties: Pruning and selecting trees to compliment the architecture of your home. Establishing the relationship between home and the garden. Long term planning and pruning for gardens. Speaking and teaching for individuals and groups.

Licenses and Certification: Certified Aesthetic Pruner, CA Registered Architect

Other memberships and affiliations: Past president of the Aesthetic Pruners Association, Merritt College Pruning Club, Portland Japanese Garden, North America Japanese Garden Association, and The American Conifer Society.

Russell Kanemasu    C.A.P. #022                                                          916-541-3222

Kanemasu’s Japanese Aesthetic Pruning                                                                       

Work Area: Sacramento.  Will travel to the Foothills, Bay Area, Northern and Central California.

Business Description: My business has a well established customer base and it is growing pretty rapidly.  Most of my pruning is on black pines, Japanese maples and Japanese gardens. My pruning results in natural looking trees but also interesting or graceful utilizing structure shaping techniques. I taught the garden crew at my church to prune and maintain the Japanese garden at our church.

Specialties: Japanese black and red pines, Japanese maples, camellias, junipers, podocarpus and hinoki.  Japanese gardens.

Greg Kitajima    C.A.P. #026                                                                 805-455-4706

Greg Kitajima                                                                    

Work Area: Santa Barbara County, will travel to San Luis Obispo County and Ventura County.

Business Description: Aesthetic pruning of woody trees and shrubs and Japanese garden consultation

Specialties: Japanese black pine and Japanese Maples

Memberships and Affiliations: Japanese garden specialist Ganna Walska, Lotusland

Peter Quintanilla      C.A.P. #025                                                         831-760-0160

Peter Quintanilla

Work Area: Monterey Bay. Will travel to San Francisco and the South Bay.         

Business Description: Specializing in structural and aesthetic pruning of small landscape trees. Including: canopy renovation for repairing badly pruned trees, training and annual fruit tree pruning, developing and maintaining espalier, pollard and pleached trees. Pruning instruction for landscape crews and home gardeners.

Licenses and Certifications: ISA Certified Arborist and UCCE Master Gardener. Landscape Pruning Instructor at Cabrillo College and for the Monterey Bay Green Gardeners program. Board Member of Friends of Carmel Forest.

Bob Brown       C.A.P. #024                                                                 925-754-3113

Bob Brown                                                                                                                   

Work Area: Bay Area, Lake Tahoe, will travel.

Business Description: Meeting the needs of my customers with flexibility and neatness. Pruning trees to adapt with their garden theme.

Specialties: Pines, maples, junipers and Deciduous trees.

Jocelyn Cohen        C.A.P. #028                                                           415-285-2342

Poetree Landscapes & Arboriculture                                                                                   


Work Area: San Francisco, East Bay, Marin and Peninsula.  Will travel outside the Bay Area for all day jobs, teaching or lecturing.                                                                                                                       

Business Description: Arborist, ecologist, artist, and advocate of trees and shrubs. I prune to bring out the plant’s natural habit and its individual character, restoring or maintaining plant health and encouraging longevity. As an established aesthetic pruner and Certified Arborist I prune both individual focal point plants as well as entire gardens.

Licenses and Certifications: Certified Arborist #WE7063A and Certified Aesthetic Pruner.

Specialties: California native trees and shrubs; early training and structuring of all trees and shrubs; restoring damaged or neglected plants; preservation reports for existing trees and landscapes during construction.

Other memberships and affiliations: International Society of Arboriculture, Association of Professional Landscape Designers, Adjunct Faculty- Merritt College Horticulture Department, East Bay Regional Parks Botanical Garden- Docent and teacher of aesthetic pruning classes.

Pete Churgel        C.A.P. #030                                                               510-843-1901

Pete Churgel    


Work Area: Bay Area

Business Description: Aesthetic pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs. Pruning consultations, instruction and lectures/demonstrations. Tree Appraisals and consultations; hazard assessments.

Specialties: Japanese maples, black pines and wisteria; Japanese garden pruning;container trees and bonsai.

Licenses and Certifications: Certified Arborist ISA #6700A, APA Certified Pruner, Merritt College Aesthetic Pruning Award and adjunct faculty member at Merritt College, Oakland teaching LH 26 Pruning, Pruning Deciduous Fruit Trees, The Art of the Wisteria, Pruning Japanese Maples and Aesthetic Pruning as a Career.

Chris Ingram    C.A.P. #035                                                                  415-786-5725

Mr. Prune Tree Service

Work Area: San Francisco, Peninsula and Marin.  Will travel anywhere.

Business Description: Certified arborist offering full range of tree services, with special emphasis on Japanese maples, black pines, camellias and other “focal point” trees and plants. Orchard background with 30+ years experience.  Old tree lover, specializing in rehabilitation of old, neglected or abused trees. Tree health and selection consultations. Private and group instruction, lectures and demonstrations.

Specialties: Japanese maples, black pines, camellias, cherries, wisteria, etc. Also, fruit trees and old, neglected or damaged trees.

Licenses and Certification: ISA Certified Arborist #WE7743A

Lindsey Jones       C.A.P. #033                                                              510-590-8721

Lindsey Jones


Work Area: Greater Bay Area                                                                                   

Business Description: Gardening coach, aesthetic pruning of ornamental and fruit trees, shrubs and container plants. I select my cuts carefully to keep trees and shrubs beautiful, healthy, and appropriately sized to your garden. Over fifteen years horticultural experience.

Allison Levin        C.A.P. #034                             415-332-1428 Cell: 510-292-9484

Allison Levin                                                                                   

Work Area: San Francisco Bay Area - Marin, San Francisco and East Bay. Contact me for special projects.                                                                                                                     

Business Description: With the goal of enhancing nature’s beauty, I provide fine pruning for focal point specimens and whole gardens. I bring more than ten years’ experience in aesthetic pruning, California flora, and problem-solving for suburban gardens. Specialties: Maples, oaks, apples and manzanitas, young, old and injured trees.

Specialties: Japanese and California gardens.

Other memberships and affiliations: Marin’s California Native Plant Society - Board member

Fred Miyahara       C.A.P. #027                                                             619-286-8602

Fred A. Miyahara Bonsai and Design

Work Area: San Diego County          

Business Description: Specializing in Japanese garden work with emphasis on pruning Japanese black pines.

Specialties: Bonsai; pruning Japanese black pine.

Bruce Thompson       C.A.P. #036                                                        510-428-4964

Bruce Thompson                                                                                                                

Work Area: Oakland and Berkeley, will travel to the Bay Area.                                                                                                              

Business Description: Combining art and science in the care of your small trees. I work with trees to develop and enhance their natural beauty in a way that compliments your individual garden. I can prune a single tree or be the aesthetic eye for your entire garden. Bonsai and container trees too!

Specialties: Japanese maples, conifers, deciduous trees, focal point pruning, and fruit trees.

Licenses and Certification: Certified Aesthetic Pruner

Other memberships and affiliations: Merritt College Pruning Club. Hands on pruning instructor at Merritt College, Oakland

Daniel P. Villaume       C.A.P. #047                                                     510-375-9283

Daniel Villaume                                                                                                               

Work Area: Primarily Berkeley and Oakland. Will travel to the Peninsula and Marin                                                                                                           

Business Description: I have been serving trees and their people (my clients) in gardens and estates of the East Bay and Peninsula since 1990.

Specialties: Large and small specimens. Reconstructive and maintenance aesthetic pruning of canopy trees to 60 feet esp redwoods, pines and oaks. Understory and focal point camellias, azaleas, maples and smaller conifers esp pines. Fruit trees esp apples and citrus. Able to perform last resort, compassionate removals if necessary.

Licenses and Certifications: International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist #208419; Certified Aesthetic Pruner (CAP) #047 from the Aesthetic Pruners Association (APA)

Other memberships and affiliations: ISA Western Chapter Member #CH-11019; Merritt College Pruning Club.

Lary Huls        C.A.P. #041                                                                510-393-9581

L Huls Designs


Work Area: Alameda County, The 24 corridor, San Ramon/Dublin, Fremont/Union City

Will Travel To: San Francisco                                                                                    

Business Description: Landscape design and construction with a specialty in traditional custom outdoor woodwork (gates, arbors,decks) and dry-laid stonework; water-wise design and installation; irrigation and lighting.

Specialties: Maples, renovation of trees that have not been worked on.

Licenses and Certifications: Licensed Landscape Contractor, Bay Friendly Qualified (StopWaste.org), Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (EPA), Certified Calstone paver and wall installer.

Other memberships and affiliations: California Landscape Contractors Association.

Diane Shields       C.A.P. #018                                                              510-482-2351

Diane Shields

Work Area: Mainly East Bay, some travel possible.       

Business Description: Skillful and professional aesthetic pruning of trees and shrubs under 15 feet. Creating and carrying out a sensible plan for each plant to achieve a graceful, pleasing line. Practical and artistic.

Steve DaSilva        C.A.P. #038                                                            559-834-5464

Steve DaSilva                                                                               

Work Area: Central Valley California -will travel anywhere.                                                                                                                 

Business Description: Pruning of landscape trees and shrubs 15 feet or under. Pines and maples specialty. Japanese garden pruning. Bonsai services - pruning and repotting.

Specialties: Pines, maples, bonsai and container plants.

Licenses and Certifications: Certified Bonsai Basics Teacher (G.S.B.F.) and California Pesticide Certificate Q.A.C.

Other memberships and affiliation: Shinzen Garden Board of Directors.

Bill Castellon        C.A.P. #005                                                              510-910-5935

Bill Castellon Landscape, Inc.  


Work Area: Bay Area, will travel depending on the project.

Business Description: We build Japanese style gardens and natural gardens. Placing rocks is our specialty. We will place boulders for other designers as well as home owners. We design the gardens we build. Pruning is also a specialty.  All trees found in Japanese gardens as well as others.

Specialties: Placing rocks in the landscape, Japanese gardens, pruning and bonsai.

Licenses and Certifications: Landscape contractor C-27 889473

Other memberships and affiliations: East Bay Bonsai Society and Merritt Bonsai/pruning

Malcolm Scotchler       C.A.P. #050                                                     510-841-9496

Malcolm Designs

Work Area: East Bay       

Business Description: Garden builder with a small crew and designer with 35 years experience.

Specialties: Japanese black pines, maples and California Natives

Licenses and Certifications: completed 12 pruning classes with Dennis Makishima

Ghislain de Taillandier        C.A.P. #044                                             415-776-7594

Ghislain de Taillandier                                                                                

Work Area: San Francisco Bay Area, especially North Bay and France                                                                                                                   

Business Description: A horticulturally sound and natural touch to pruning.

Specialties: Japanese maples, black pine, container trees and vines

Yuki Nara        C.A.P. #006                                                                   510-527-8817

Yuki Nara                                                                                                                                                 


Work Area: Bay Area, United States, Japan. Open to national and international opportunities.                                                                                                                      

Business Description: Way of naturalistic pruning; lectures, classes and workshops with insight and inspiration for all levels. To impart respect for and harmony with nature in lectures and pruning work with trees.

Specialties: Winter silhouette work, Japanese gardens, Japanese maples and Japanese black pine.

Jule Silverwood         C.A.P. #043                                                         541-841-8364

Silverwood Designs                                                                                  

Work Area: Ashland and Portland OR                                                                                      

Business Description: Pruning with a design emphasis & horticultural background since 1980. Engaging long-term vision, I am committed to rejuvenating and evolving your garden to create balance and maximize your pleasure in the space.

Licenses and Certifications: B.S. in Horticulture (Cal Poly), Certified Arborist and Certified Aesthetic Pruner. Landscape Contractor #834351

Specialties: Japanese maple & pine, espalier fruit trees, garden-scale flowering trees, shrubs & vines. Slide presentations & pruning demos.

Mary Gribbin        C.A.P. #046                                                             510-919-1914


Work Area: Oakland/ East Bay. Will travel 60 mile radius max.                                                                                        

Business Description: Landscape design specializing in California native plant habitats, incorporating boulders, dry creek beds and mounding to create a natural setting. I aesthetically prune specialty/focal point plants and supervise maintenance to ensure the design’s intended aesthetic. I conduct plant health and plant inventory consultations.

Licenses and Certifications: AA Landscape Horticulture specializing in design and construction - Merritt College. Merritt College Pruning award under Dennis Makishima.

Specialties: California native plants.

Other memberships and affiliations: Merritt College Pruning Club.

Curtis Counts        C.A.P. #023                                                              805-610-8044

East West Aesthetic Pruning


Work Area: San Louis Osbisbo and Los Angeles County. Will travel to the Bay Area, Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara.                                                                                                                  

Business Description: I will detail small trees up to 15 feet high including Japanese Maples, Elms, Pines, Cedars and Crepe Myrtles. I seek to discover and enhance the beauty and health  of the tree through pruning, thinning, crown clearing and test management. I am profeciant at landscape lighting to enhance the beauty of your trees.

Specialties: Japanese Maples, Camellias, Cedars, and Pines.

Licenses and Certificates: California Contractors Licenses; C10 Electrical #445910

Other memberships and affiliation: Merritt College Pruning , UEKI Pine Pruning Club of Southern CA and The Southern California Camellia Club.

How to become a Certified Aesthetic Pruner

For more information on how to become a Certified Aesthetic Pruner (CAP) please click on the following link to download an application packet. CAP Application2015.pdf

Nancy Buell        C.A.P. #048                                                               510-418-6564

Nancy Buell                                                                                                                   

Work Area: East Bay, will travel throughout the Bay Area.

Business Description: Aesthetic Pruning of urban trees and shrubs with careful attention to plant health and bringing out the beauty and character of each tree or shrub. Offering a range from focal point, detailed pruning to a more casual look for background trees, shrubs and hedges. Experienced with a wide range of plants found in Japanese, Mediterranean or native gardens. Open to sharing expertise with homeowners as desired.

Michael Hemes       C.A.P. #049                                                           415-992-1059

Earthly Delights

Work Area: Florida - San Francisco Bay Area                                                                                    

Business Description: Earthly Delights is based in San Francisco and offers environmentally sustainable garden design, installation, and maintenance services. Michael’s skills include aesthetic pruning and has been guiding the healthy growth of his client’s trees for over 15 years.

Licenses and Certifications: Intermediate landscape design and construction certificate.

Andrew Merriss        C.A.P. #021                                                         707-843-9818

MerrisStem Designs  


Work Area: Sonoma County, will travel to the North Bay, San Francisco and Berkeley.

Business Description: I prune trees ranging in size from shrubs and small ornamentals to large evergreen and deciduous trees, always with respect for each organism’s capacity to express beauty and in accordance with the highest standards of tree health and safety.

Specialties: Climbing, fine pruning of ornamentals, small and large trees.

Licenses and Certifications: Master of Fine Arts, Permaculture Design Certificate

Other memberships and affiliations: Merritt College Pruning Club

MaryAnn Burman        C.A.P. #014                                                     415-606-6224

Sacred Space: harmonizing our inner & outer lives                                                                                      


Work Area: SF Bay Area, national and international travel.                                                                                                                       

Business Description: MaryAnn believes working with nature is essential for restoring wholeness and balance in life, thus contributing to health, well-being and happiness. She aligns her pruning style with heart centered principles of integrity, respect, intuition and care. By listening to the client and attuning to the essence of the tree, MaryAnn facilitates a deeper relationship between the client and their garden.

Specialties: Pruning to restore balance and connection to the garden as a whole: Japanese maples, pines, ornamentals, and conifers. Instruction, writing and speaking.

Other memberships and affiliations: Registered Nurse (CA); Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (International); Certified Labyrinth Facilitator (International); Sierra Club; Nature Conservancy; Veriditas; LinkedIn.

Maggie C. Hoppe       C.A.P. #051                                                       415-860-7903

Maggie Hoppe

Work Area: San Francisco Bay Area, travel to Marin, North Bay, East Bay and South Bay.

Business Description: Pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs with a thoughtful, naturalistic approach to enhance the aesthetics of the landscape and unique qualities of individual gardens. Focus on pruning for the health and beauty of plantings in new gardens, as well as old, established gardens. Emphasis on lasting and evolving care of shrubs and trees in the landscape. A special interest in California/Japanese gardens.     

Memberships:  ISA: International Society of Arborists Western Chapter, The American Conifer Society, and Merritt College Pruning Club.                                                                          

Michael Alliger    C.A.P. #002                                                                       707-829-3404

Michael Alliger

Work Area: Sonoma County, California                                                                                                                               

Business Description: Japanese garden pruning and the delicate touch of Japanese maples since 1986. Pruning classes and demonstrations for groups or one-on-one.

Dina Blackwell       C.A.P. #053                                                        510-469-6958

Dina Blackwell   


Work Area: SF Bay Area

Business Description: Enhancing the design of gardens through aesthetic pruning. Skilled in restoring gardens through pruning, garden design, and plant selection.

Specialties: Trees and shrubs 15‘ and under with special interest in Japanese gardens and Black Pines. Strong work ethic, detailed, enjoy working with clients to bring out individuality of gardens.     

Credentials: Certified Aesthetic Pruner, Horticulture Certificate-Merritt College, BA in Studio Art.

Memberships and Affiliations: Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), Merritt College Pruning Club, North American Japanese Garden Association and The American Conifer Society.                                                                                                         

Eric King    C.A.P. #052                                                                 510-388-9654

Horticultural Pruning


Work Area: East Bay, San Francisco, and Marin

Business Description: Aesthetic and structural pruning of small trees and ornamental shrubs, creating a long-term plan for health and form.

James Giotta        C.A.P. #054                                                               510-717-2942


Work Area: Bay Area                                                                                       

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Carolyn Cooley        C.A.P. #015                                                          505-920-0322

Carolyn Cooley Fine Pruning                                                                                 

Work Area: Santa Fe, NM;, will travel to Northern NM, Northern CA, Southern OR and the Northeast.                                                                                                                     

Business Description: I focus on trees in the landscape as a bridge between New Mexico’s grand open spaces and the more intimate spaces of gardens. My work draws on an awareness of art and design, 12 years of training and experience, and knowledge of Santa Fe’s challenging growing conditions.  I offer classes to individuals and groups.  I work in residential, estate and gallery landscapes.

Specialties: Japanese maples, pines, fruit trees, native trees and shrubs, wisteria, roses and pruning instruction.